Our recommended Potsdam ride

Small map of Potsdam

Potsdam lies amidst a vast river and sea scape. That a big part of the urban area of Potsdam is situated on an island is not obvious until you take a closer look on the city map

Two tour proposals to the hinterland of Potsdam

The Schwielowsee tour

This tour leads you 35km (ca 22 miles) along the riverside around lake Templin and the Schwielowsee. The path goes via

  • Caputh with the house of Albert Einstein and the Caputh castle with castle park
  • Ferch with its Japanese bonsai garden
  • Petzow with Petzow castle with castle park
  • Schwielowsee kajak rental
  • Geltow with its village church and weaving museum

and along the riverside back to Potsdam.

The Kladow-Wannsee tour

This tour leads you along the riverside for most of the time. It includes a ferry ride across the Wannsee (15 min) past the Schwanenwerder island to the biggest lakeside lido in Europe - the lido of Wannsee. The path goes 42km (ca 26 miles) via

  • Neufahrland Königswald (kings forrest)
  • Sacrow with Sacrow castle with castle park and the Heilandskirche (Sacrow Church of the Redeemer)
  • Kladow with the Mauerweg (Berlin Wall)
  • Wannsee with the Liebermannhaus and the house of the Wannsee Conference

and along the riverside back to Potsdam.

Our recommended tour takes you 18 kilometers via:

  1. Moorish mosque (Maurische Moschee)
  2. Park Sanssouci
  3. The Chinese House (Chinesisches Teehaus)
  4. New Palace (Neues Palais)
  5. Orangery Palace (Orangerie)
  6. New Chambers (Neue Kammern)
  7. Historic Mill (Historische Mühle)
  8. Sanssouci Palace (Schloss Sanssouci)
  9. City center with Dutch Quarter (Holländisches Viertel)
  10. Russian Colony Alexandrowka (Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka)
  11. New Garden (Neuer Garten)
  12. Marble palace (Marmorpalais)
  13. Cecilienhof Palace (Schloss Cecilienhof)
  14. Dairy (Meierei)
  15. Glienicke Bridge (Glienicker Brücke)
  16. Park Babelsberg
  17. Babelsberg Palace (Schloss Babelsberg)
  18. Little Palace (Kleines Schloss)
  19. Flatow Tower (Flatowturm)
Map of Potsdam
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